The CRC-EC Joint International Symposium on Chemical Theory for Complex Systems was successfully completed. We sincerely appreciate lecturers, session chairs, poster presenters, participants, and all the contributors in the symposium!
  Success in designing efficient catalysts for scientifically and technologically important processes requires an atomistic level understanding of fundamental principles of the catalysis. Advances in designing homogenous, heterogeneous, as well as biological catalysts require state-of-the-art multidisciplinary approaches and true collaboration of scientists across the disciplines. The use of modern Computational/Theoretical approaches in close collaboration with state-of-the-art experiments is proven to be invaluable for shedding light on key principles of catalysis and knowledge-based design of more efficient catalysis. The complexity in vital catalytic processes, however, requires further developments of theoretical methodology for "real" systems. This symposium is also designed to have a profound impact on the knowledge-based catalyst design and advanced computational/theoretical methodology.

The series of CRC interantional symposia on Chemical Theory for Complex Systems were successfully held in 2013.3 in Strasbourg (with Prof. Chantal Daniel) and 2014.1 in Atlanta (with Dr. J. Musaev and Prof. J. Bowman). We have confirmed the importance of the chemical theory for complex systems such as catalyses and biosystems. In fact, Prof. Karplus, the keynote lecturer in the Strasbourg symposium, received the Novel Prize in Chemistry. In order to establish and reinforce the results, we would like to hold the third symposium at Stockholm as a joint symposium with Stockholm University (SU). This CRC-SU Joint international symposium is organized in collaboration with Prof. Fahmi Himo and Prof. Per Siegbahn at Department of Organic Chemistry, SU. We will invite top scientists to promote the collabrations between experiments and theory.

  Keynote speakers
  Masatake Haruta Keiji Morokuma Michele Parrinello Per E. M. Siegbahn
  Plenary speakers
  Kiyotaka Asakura Jan-Erling Bäckvall Hans-Joachim Freund Atsushi Fukuoka
  Fahmi Himo Graham Hutchings Adrian Mulholland Shigeru Nagase
  Hiroshi Nakatsuji Marcus Lundberg Shigeyoshi Sakaki Joseph Samec
  Joachim Sauer Jian-Ren Shen Johan Åqvist
Organizer: Catalysis Research Center (CRC), Hokkaido Univ.(HU)
Co-Organizers: Department of Organic Chemistry, Stockholm Univ.(SU)
Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry (FIFC), Kyoto Univ.(KU)
Co-Chairs: Kiyotaka Asakura (CRC, HU)
Fahmi Himo (SU), Per E. M. Siegbahn (SU), Shigeyoshi Sakaki (FIFC, KU)
Organizing Committee: Kiyotaka Asakura (CRC, HU), Jun-ya Hasegawa (CRC, HU)
Fahmi Himo (SU), Shigeyoshi Sakaki (FIFC, KU)
Per E. M. Siegbahn (SU), Koichi Yamashita (Univ. Tokyo)
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