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Dear all participants,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of pre-symposium of the 16th ICC-Pre in Sapporo,
we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your participation in the symposium.
It is our great pleasure to provide this opportunity for all members belonging to international catalysis community.
We believe that you have a lot of fruitful discussion in oral and poster session.

Photos of this symposium have been uploaded. Please check here.

Thanking again all for the highly successful symposium.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Atsushi Fukuoka
Chair of the Symposium

Associate Prof. Kiyotaka Nakajima
Secretary of the Symposium

Overcoming energy and environmental issues is a grand challenge in catalysis. This symposium "Novel Catalysts for Energy and Environmental Issues" will be held on June 30th - July 1st in Sapporo, Japan and deal with conversion of alkanes such as methane, energy careers, biorefinery, and environmental catalysis. Three plenary lecturers and fivenine invited speakers will talk on unique and state-of-the-art topics in the respective research areas. In addition, we will have more than 40 general oral and poster presentations in total.
Sapporo, where this symposium is held, is the capital of Hokkaido, and famous for delicious foods, beer, and snow festival. Hope that all the participants enjoy this symposium and sightseeing.

   Nakajima Koen, Sapporo. Copyright(C)


Program detail (pdf), Date: June 30 - July 1, 2016

Plenary lectures

Prof. Xinhe Bao
DICP, China

Prof. Koichi Eguchi
Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Bert F. Sels
KU Leuven, Belgium
9:30-10:20, June 30 13:30-14:20, June 30 9:00-9:50, July 1
PL1: Direct conversion of C1 molecules to high value chemicals PL2: Ammonia as an energy carrier and related catalysis PL3: The role of heterogeneous catalysis in liquid phase processing of lignocellulose

Invited lectures

Prof. Ichiro Yamanaka
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Stuart Taylor
Cardiff University, UK

Dr. Evgeny Pidko
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Room A, 10:40-11:10, June 30 Room B, 11:20-11:50, June 30 Room B, 14:40-15:10, June 30
IL1: Development of new catalysts for dehydrogenative conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons IL2: Catalytic selective oxidation of biobutanol using supported metal nanoparticles IL3: Rational design of catalytic processes for CO2 valorization: from theory to devices

Dr. Shinji Inagaki
Toyota Cenral R&D Labs., Japan

Prof. Roberto Rinaldi
Imperial College London, UK

Dr. Yoshihide Watanabe
Toyota Cenral R&D Labs., Japan
Room B, 16:00-16:30, June 30 Room A, 10:10-10:40, July l Room B, 10:40-11:10, July 1
IL4: Mesoporous organosilica chelating ligand for heterogeneous metal complex catalysis IL5: What is the best way to start lignin conversion strategies: From lignocellulose or pulping (lignin) waste? IL6: New aspect of metal-support interaction unraveled by atomic-scale analysis

Prof. Carsten Sievers
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Friederike C. Jentoft
University of Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Jens S. Hummelshøj
SLAC National Accelerator Lab., USA
Room A, 11:10-11:40, July 1 Room A, 11:40-12:10, July 1 Room B, 13:40-14:10, July 1
IL7: Ceria-based catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oils and selective oxidation of methane IL8: Heterogeneously catalyzed single-step conversion of glycols to olefins IL9: Catalysis data warehouse

Presentation guide

Please use your own laptop with a D-sub 15 pin output, which will be connected to a projecter set at the conference room. HDMI port is not available. Mac users should bring a VGA adapter. In the presentation, please leave 5 min for discussion. Namely, oral presenters: 15 min presentation, 5 min discussion; invited lecturers: 25 min presentastion, 5 min discussion; plenary lecturers: 45 min presentastion, 5 min discussion.

Standard poster size is A0, and the width and height should not exceed 900 mm and 1200 mm, respectively.

Submission of abstract and paper for special issue

Abstract submission
Please use the abstract template, and send your abstract with the registration form to secretary by e-mail (Pre-symposium_Sapporo(at) The e-mail should be entitled "abstract submission", and your preference oral/poster can be written in the text. Application for oral and poster presentations has already been closed. The abstracts were evaluated by reviewers, and the decision letters have already been sent to corresponding authors.

Contribution to special issue
Selected contributors are invited to submit a paper to Chinese Journal of Catalysis appearing in a special issue devoted to the pre-symposium. The journal represents a premier international journal that is published in English with the most recent 2014 impact factor as high as 1.96 (Thomson Reuters JCR). Manuscripts should be submitted online through the website of the journal. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed following a standard procedure and acceptance will be decided by the editors.

Conference venue and access

Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University
(Sapporo, Japan)


Narita Airport to New Chitose Airport (1.5 h), JR train to Sapporo station (40 min), Nanboku subway line to Kita 18 jyo station (5 min), walk to Sosei Building in Hokkaido University (20 min)


General information
To register for the conference, please fill the registration form and send it to secretary by e-mail (Pre-symposium_Sapporo(at) Presenters need to register by April 30, 2016, or the presentation will be automatically cancelled. The registration fee must be paid on-site during the symposium. Payment should be made in cash in Japanese yen (JPY) only. Credit card or foreign currencies will NOT be accepted.

Registration fee
General: 10,000 JPY
Student: 5,000 JPY
Accompanying person: 5,000 JPY

Banquet fee
General: 5,000 JPY
Student: 2,000 JPY

VISA application

If you need assistance for your VISA application, please send an e-mail to secretary (Pre-symposium_Sapporo(at)

Organizing committee

Prof. Atsushi Fukuoka (Chair)
Prof. Ken-ichi Shimizu
Dr. Kiyotaka Nakajima (Secretary)
Dr. Hirokazu Kobayashi
Dr. Abhijit Shrotri

Contact information
Dr. Kiyotaka Nakajima
E-mail: Pre-symposium_Sapporo(at) TEL: +81-11-706-9136 FAX: +81-11-706-9139

Catalysis Society of Japan Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University


The title photo was taken at Mt. Meakan, Hokkaido. Copyright (C) 2015 All Rights Reserved.