Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University
2013 Research Students
−Application Guidelines−

Providing that there are no obstacles barring admission, applicants that have passed the
Catalysis Research Center Council’s screening shall be admitted as research students to
work on specific topics of research.

 1. Eligibility Requirements
(1) Applicants must have completed an undergraduate program.
(2) Applicants are recognized as having equal or greater academic achievements as
 persons in category (1) above.

 2. Admission Period・Research Period
(1) Admission Periods: April or October 2013
(2) Research Period: 1 year (if there are special circumstances a term less than 1 year
                   is possible)
Extension for continuing research can be approved after completing the proper
procedure. If the continuing research is under the same research title, tuition is
charged but screening and admission fees are not charged.

 3. Application Period

Division Period
Foreign applicants
(residing overseas)
【April Admissions】December 17 (Mon.) to December 21
(Fri.), 2012
【October Admissions】June 17 (Mon.) to June 21 (Fri.),
Foreign applicants
(residing in Japan)
【April Admissions】February 4 (Mon.) to
February 8 (Fri.), 2013
【October Admissions】August 19 (Mon.) to August 23
(Fri.), 2013
※ If the applicant is unable to apply during the application periods stated above due
  to special circumstances, please contact the Northern Campus Area Joint
  Administration (see below).
※ Extension applications are due during the same period as the above application

 4. Documents to Submit

Application Forms Remarks
1)Research student (and continuing
student) application.(Form 1)
Only the form provided by the Center will be
Before submitting your application, please get
the approval of your prospective advisor.
2)Curriculum vitae Commercially available forms accepted. Please
attach an identification photo.
3)Copy of a diploma(or graduation
certificate) from the highest school
Applicants that have not graduated from a
university must submit documents detailing their
research background.
4)Screening fee acceptance certificate
See 5. Expenditures below
5)Foreign Resident Registration
Card or copy of passport
※only applicants that are foreign
・Applicants residing in Japan must submit a
Foreign Resident Registration Card.
・Applicants who do not live in Japan must
submit a copy of their passport.
6)Approval form for entrance (or
continuing admission ) as a research
student.(Form 2)
Only the form provided by the Center will be
Applicants currently employed at a company, etc.
must get the approval of their immediate director.

 5. Expenditures

Payment Remarks
Screening fee
(for application)
\9,800 Use the (bank/postal) transfer form
provided and paste the Screening Fee
Acceptance Certificate of Form E on the
Screening Fee Acceptance Certificate
Submission Form.
※Please contact the office below to receive
the (bank/postal)transfer form.
Admission fee
(for entrance)
\84,600 Successful applicants will be informed
(after entrance)
(annual rate)
Tuition is due twice a year. The first period
is due at the end of May, and the second
period is due at the end of November.
※ Screening, admission and tuition fees are non-refundable under any

※ Revised fee rates will be charged in the event of a fee rate revision.

 6. Admission Results
 Candidates accepted for April (or October) admissions will be notified via post. Foreign
applicants (residing overseas) will be notified at the beginning of February (October
admissions at the beginning of August), and foreign applicants (residing in Japan) will be
notified in the middle of March (September admissions in the middle of September).

 7. Please send your applications and inquiries to :
Research Cooperation Section
Northern Campus Area Joint Administration
Hokkaido University
Kita 21-Nishi 10, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0021 Japan

 8. Please note:
(1) In case of withdrawal midway in the research period, please apply to the Director of
the Catalysis Research Center one month before the expected withdrawal date.
(a Withdrawal Form will be provided)
Regardless of withdraw during the semester, tuition for that period must be paid in
(2) Please contact the office above for questions regarding this application.

Application Guidelines(PDF file)