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Dear participants,

On behalf of the organizing committee of International Symposium of Heterogeneous Catalysis for Sustainable Energy and Chemical Production, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your participation in the symposium.
We hope that this symposium will serve as a platform for generating solutions to create a better future by through renewable energy and sustainable chemical synthesis.

Please enjoy the soft snow of Sapporo and make sure to stay warm.

Sincerely yours,

Asso. Prof. Kiyotaka Nakajima
Chair of the Symposium

Prof. Emiel J. Hensen
Co-chair of the Symposium

The emission of CO2, a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), is the leading cause of global warming. To counter this issue, Japan Science & Technology launched the Advanced Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program in 2010, which was aimed towards the development of technologies that reduce CO2 emission in the atmosphere. This symposium will highlight the fundamental and applied research topics in the field of heterogeneous catalysis for sustainable production of energy and chemicals from renewable resources with the aim of minimizing CO2 emission.
Sapporo, is the capital of Hokkaido, and famous for delicious food, beer, and plenty of snow. We hope that the participants will make the most of their visit and enjoy the symposium and sightseeing.

   Snow Festival, Sapporo. Copyright(C) City of Sapporo


Program (pdf), Date: Feb 4th - Feb 5th, 2019

Plenary lectures

Prof. Bert M. Weckhuysen
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Prof. Emiel J.M. Hensen
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Prof. Keiichi Tomishige
Tohoku University, Japan
10:10-11:10, Feb 4th 13:00-14:00, Feb 4th 9:00-10:00, Feb 5th
Making & breaking of chemical bonds: turning CO2 and waste into chemicals Valorization of lignocellulosic biomass: from catalytic chemistry to novel processes Heterogeneous deoxydehydration catalyst for conversion of polyols to chemicals

Invited lectures

Dr. Keigo Kamata
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr. Takashi Hisatomi
Shinshu University, Japan

Prof. Mizuki Tada
Nagoya University, Japan
11:10-11:40, Feb 4th 11:40-12:10, Feb 4th 14:00-14:30, Feb 4th
Development of Crystalline Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts for Biomass Conversion Heterogeneous photocatalysts and reaction systems for renewable hydrogen production via water splitting XAFS Imaging of Solid Catalysts

Prof. Kazuhiro Takanabe
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Hiroshi Sano
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

Dr. Kiyotaka Nakajima
Hokkaido University, Japan
14:30-15:00, Feb 4th 15:30-16:00, Feb 4th 16:00-16:30, Feb 4th
Electrolyte engineering for advanced water splitting Biomass plastics and biodegradable plastics, solution for the future? Smart HMF conversion to FDCA and its carboxylates with supported Au catalyst

Prof. Michikazu Hara
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Atsushi Fukuoka
Hokkaido University, Japan

Dr. Takato Mitsudome
Osaka University, Japan
16:30-17:00, Feb 4th 17:00-17:30, Feb 4th 10:20-10:50, Feb 5th
HMF conversion into polymer monomers Catalytic depolymerization of cellulose and chitin Green Sustainable production of Amines from Amides

Dr. Toshiyuki Yokoi
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Takao Masuda
Hokkaido University, Japan
10:50-11:20, Feb 5th 11:20-11:50, Feb 5th
Control of heteroatom distribution in zeolite framework and its impact on catalytic properties Separation of Biomass to Each Component of Lignocellulose in Chemical Reaction Engineering Approach

Presentation guide

Please use your own laptop with a D-sub 15 pin output, which will be connected to a projecter set at the conference room. HDMI port is not available. Mac users should bring a VGA adapter. Plenary lecturers should leave 10 min for discussion and invited lectures should spare 5 min for discussion.

Conference venue and access

Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University
(Sapporo, Japan)


Narita Airport to New Chitose Airport (1.5 h), JR train to Sapporo station (40 min), Nanboku subway line to Kita 18 jyo station (5 min), walk to Sosei Building in Hokkaido University (20 min)


To register for the symposium, please send e-mail to Kiyotaka Nakajima with your name, full affiliation, phone number, email address, and whether or not you wish to attend the banquet. Deadline for registration of banquet is January 18th.

Registration Fee: Free


The banquet will be held at the Faculty House Trillium, withing the Hokkaido University Campus.
Banquet time: 18:15 - 20:00
Banquet Fee: 5,000 JPY

Organizing committee

Dr. Kiyotaka Nakajima (Chair)
Dr. Emile. J.M. Hensen (Co-chair)
Dr. Abhijit Shrotri (Secretary)

Contact information
Dr. Kiyotaka Nakajima
Associate Professor
Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University
Kita 21 Nishi 10, Kita-ku, Sapporo 0010021, Japan
Phone: +81-11-706-9136

Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University

Supported by
  • Japan Science & Technology agency (JST)
  • Research Division of Catalytic Biomass Conversion, Catalysis Society of Japan
  • Research and Education Center for Robust Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry, Hokkaido University
  • STAC-10 Project, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology

The title photo was taken from the Sosei Building of Hokkaido University. Copyright (C) 2019 All Rights Reserved.