• Fundamental Research Division
  • Technological Application Division
  • Target Oriented Research Assembly
  • Technical Division
  • Cooperation Unit
  • Catalyst Surface Research Division

    Professor Kiyotaka ASAKURA Associate Professor Satoru TAKAKUSAGI Assistant Professor Hiroko MIWA

    Complex surface structure

  • Catalysis Theory Research Division

    Professor Jun-ya HASEGAWA Associate Professor Kenji Iida Assistant Professor Min GAO

    Theoretical and computational study on chemical reactions and molecular properties of complex molecular systems

  • Surface Molecular Science Research Division

    Professor Jun-ya HASEGAWA(Concurrent post)

  • Catalytic Transformation Research Division

    Professor Atsushi FUKUOKA Associate Professor Kiyotaka NAKAJIMA Assistant Professor Hirokazu KOBAYASHI

    Assistant Professor Abhijit SHROTRI

    Precise Synthesis and Application of Heterogeneous Catalysts Based on Molecular Level Design

  • Catalyst Material Research Division

    Professor Ken-ichi SHIMIZU Associate Professor Shinya FURUKAWA Zen MAENOAssistant Professor Takashi TOYAO S. M. A. Hakim SIDDIKI

    Design of Multifunctional Catalysis for Ideal Synthesis and Automotive Pollution Control

  • Photocatalysis Research Division

    Professor Bunsho OHTANI Associate Professor Ewa KOWALSKA Assistant Professor Mai TAKASHIMA

    Novel functional materials and catalytic reaction systems, especially those relating to phtocatlaysis, are developed.

  • Molecular Catalyst Research Division

    Professor Daisuke URAGUCHI

    Controlling Chemical Reactions by Means of Original Molecular Catalysts

  • Macromolecular Science Research Division

    Professor Tamaki NAKANO Associate Professor Zhiyi SONG Assistant Professor Masayoshi BANDO

  • Research and Development Division

    Professor Mayumi NISHIDA

  • Research Cluster for Sustainable Catalyst

    Cluster Leader Jun-ya HASEGAWA

  • Research Cluster of Well-defined Surface Nanostructures

    Cluster Leader Satoru TAKAKUSAGI

    Create and observe reaction field on well-defined surfaces

  • Research Cluster for Plasmonic Photocatalysis

    Cluster Leader Ewa KOWALSKA

    Development of Plasmonic Photocatalysts for Environmental Applications

  • Research Cluster for Acid-Base Catalysis

    Cluster Leader Kiyotaka NAKAJIMA

    Development of water-compatible solid acid-base catalysts for the conversion of abundant carbohydrates in nature to platform molecules for bulk chemical production

  • Research Cluster for Functional Alloy Catalysts

    Cluster Leader Shinya FURUKAWA

    Design and Devising of Next-Generation Catalysts Using Unique Alloys

  • Research Cluster of Transition-metals-induced Synthesis and Transformation of Polymer

    Cluster Leader Zhiyi SONG

    Developing new synthetic methodologies of polymers or oligomers by C-C bond formation/cleavage

  • Research Cluster for Nano-Interface Reaction Field

    Cluster Leader Kenji IIDA

    Development of theoretical and computational method and its Application to Chemical Processes at Interfaces

  • Technical Division

    Technical Support in Response to Various Special Needs of Scientists

  • Unit for Exploitation of Intellectual Properties Relating to Photocatalysis

    Professor Yasushi KURODA (Showa Denko Ceramics Co., Ltd.) 
    Professor Bunsho OHTANI, Associate Professor Ewa KOWALSKA Assistant Professor Mai TAKASHIMA

  • Unit for Industry-Government-Academia Collaborative Research on Catalysis

    Professor Mayumi NISHIDA 
    Professor Atsushi FUKUOKA Professor Ken-ichi SHIMIZU
    Ichigaku TAKIGAWA(Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery)Professor Ken-ichi TOMINAGA (Team Leader, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Catalytic Chemistry, AIST) Professor Kazuhiko SATO (Director, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Catalytic Chemistry, AIST) Professor Toshio SUMIDA (CEO, WEST CORNER COMPANY, LIMITED)
    Professor Masumi ASAKAWA, AIST Professor Tomohiro TAMURA, AIST Professor Yuzuru TANAKA, NIMS
    Associate Professor Keisuke TAKAHASHI (Faculty of Science) Professor Masataka HATANAKA, AIST Professor Masaru YOSHIDA, AIST

  • Unit of Fritz-Haber-Institute

    Professor Jun-ya HASEGAWA 
    Professor Hans-Joackim FREUND (Director, Professor, Department of Chemical Physics, Fritz-Haber-Institute, Germany) Professor Matthias SCHEFFLER (Director, Professor, Theory Department, Fritz-Haber-Institute, Germany) Professor Kiyotaka ASAKURA Assistant Professor Hiroko ARIGA

  • Unit on Integrated Research Consortium on Chemical Sciences

    Professor Tamaki NAKANO 
    Professor Kiyotaka ASAKURA Professor Jun-ya HASEGAWA 
    Professor Atsushi FUKUOKA Professor Ken-ichi SHIMIZU Professor Bunsho OHTANI 
    Professor Tamotsu TAKAHASHI Professor Mayumi NISHIDA

  • Consortium for Research on Electron Traps in Materials

    Professor Bunsho OHTANI 
    Associate Professor Ewa KOWALSKA Assistant Professor Mai TAKASHIMA

  • HU Alliance for Catalysis Research

    Professor Jun-ya HASEGAWA 
    Professor Katsuaki KONISHI(Faculty of Environmental Earth Science)
    Professor Tetsuya TKATSUGU(Faculty of Science) Professor Shigeki MATSUNAGA(Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science)Professor Haruhide MORI(Research Faculty of Agriculture) Professor Hiroki HABAZAKI(Faculty of Engineering)
    Professor Tamaki SHIBAYANA(Faculty of Engineering) Professor Shin MUKAI(Faculty of Engineering)
    Professor Yuichi KAMIYA(Faculty of Environmental Earth Science)