Research Cluster for Functional Alloy Catalysts

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Design and Devising of Next-Generation Catalysts Using Unique Alloys

Cluster Leader Shinya FURUKAWA

Member Kiyotaka ASAKURA (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ), Junya HASEGAWA (ICAT, Hokkaido University), Takayuki KOMATSU (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Satoshi KAMEOKA (IMRAM, Tohoku University), Hiroko MIWA (ICAT, Hokkaido University), Shuhei OGO (Waseda University)

Alloys have been recognized as effective catalyst materials. However, the general methodology and theory for catalyst design remain under debate and construction. To develop efficient alloy catalysts and establish the corresponding chemistry, it is important to understand the surface structures and electronic states of the alloys in an atomic level. For this purpose, we study the following themes from the viewpoints of catalytic chemistry, metallurgy, surface science, and theoretical chemistry:


Figure 1. Hydrogen-mediated stereoselective alkene isomerization using specific surface atomic arrangement of RhSb ordered alloys.