Research Cluster for Sustainable Catalyst

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Developing Fundamental Resources for Catalysis Research

Cluster Leader Jun-ya HASEGAWA

Member Kiyotaka ASAKURA (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Bunsho OHTANI (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.),Tamotsu TAKAHASHI (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Atsushi FUKUOKA (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Tamaki NAKANO (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Mayumi NISHIDA(ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Ken-ichi SHIMIZU (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.)

For realizing a sustainable society, high level development of catalysis chemistry is indispensable. This cluster is aiming at collaboration and/or fusion of current catalytic studies as well as the development of new catalytic science and technologies like catalytic biomass conversion and also new catalyst characterization methodology through networking of researchers in catalytic science and related fields. This collaboration framework provides chances for the researchers to make global collaboration for discussing problems in catalytic studies, and for making international proposals relating to chemistry and catalytic science. We also plan to systematize known catalytic chemistry and technologies by making database and to use the information for education and training of researchers in the field of catalysis.

Figure. 1 Top page view of the web site of catalyst database