Research Cluster of Transition-metals-induced Synthesis and Transformation of Polymer

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Developing new synthetic methodologies of polymers or oligomers by C-C bond formation/cleavage

Cluster Leader Zhiyi SONG

Member Tamaki NAKANO (ICAT, Hokkaido Univ.), Kiyohiko NAKAJIMA (Aichi Univ. Education), Masamichi OGASAWARA (Tokushima Univ.), Zhiping LI (Renmin Univ. of China)

Carbon-carbon bond formation/cleavage on transition metals has been almost exclusively investigated due to the numerous contributions to organic synthesis. In this cluster, carbon-carbon bond formation/cleavage on transition metals were applied to develop new synthetic methodologies for polymers or oligomers.
@Processes for producing co-oligomers with high regioregularity are important objects in many researches. Herein, metallacycle-including polymer or oligomer were synthesized. Through the carboncarbon bond formation/cleavage on transition metals, the metallacycle moiety was converted to a variety of aromatic rings. Subsequently, a variety of highly regioregular co-oligomers were synthesized from the same metallacycle-including oligomer.