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Fundamental Research Division
Section of Surface Structure Chemistry
◎ Kiyotaka Asakura,
○ Satoru Takakusagi

□ Hiroko Ariga
Complex surface structure
surface of singe crystal, XAFS, STM/AFM, synchrotron radiation, EXPEEM, TiO2, well-defined inhomogeneous surface, total reflection florescence XAFS, Ni2P, hydrodesulfurization reaction,Quick XAFS
Section of Interfacial Spectrochemistry
◎ Masatoshi Osawa,
○ Shen Ye,
□ Kenta Motobayashi
In situ Vibrational Spectrscopic Study on the Electrode Surface
surface-enhanced, infrared absorption spectroscopy, electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy, interfacial molecular structure, electrochemistry, fuel cell, time resolved vibrational spectroscopy, dynamics on electrode reaction. self-assembled monolayer, sum-frequency generation spectroscopy, design and evalution of functional interface
Section of Catalytic Reaction Chemistry
◎ Bunsho Ohtani,

Novel functional materials and catalytic reaction systems, especially those relating to phtocatlaysis, are developed.
highly active photocatalysts, action apectrum analysis, double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy, hollow core/shell structure,. anisotropic particle assembly, jingle-bell nano particle, green chemistry
Section of Catalytic Materials Chemistry
◎ Wataru Ueda,
○ Tatsuya Takeguchi,
□ Toru Murayama
Inovation of nano to micro structured oxide catalyst for sustainable development of mankind
high performance selective oxidation., Mo-V-O multicomponent metal oxide. polyoxometalate multicomponent metal oxide, perovskite metal oxide, alkane partial oxidation, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEFC), environmental purification filter, energy conversion material, NaCo2O4
Section of Molecular Catlysis Chemistry
◎ Tamotsu Takahashi,
○ Masamichi Ogasawara,
□ Song zhiyi
Organic Synthesis using Organometallic Complex from Stoichiometric to Catalytic
organometallic chemistry, organic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, organic material chemistry
Section of Catalytic Transformation
◎ Atsushi Fukuoka
○ Kenji Hara
□ Hirokazu Kobayashi
Precise Synthesis and Application of Heterogeneous Catalysts Based on Molecular Level Design 
nanoparticle, mesoporous material, template synthesis, precise modification, highly selective catalyst, highly active catalyst
Section of Catalytic Assemblies
◎ Tamaki Nakano
Section of Catalytic Theoretical Chemistry
◎Jun-ya Hasegawa
○Akira Nakayama
Theoretical and computational study on chemical reactions and
molecular properties of complex molecular systems
Quantum chemistry, Computational
Chemistry, Electronic
structure theory, Excited-state theory,
First-Principle Quantum
Simulation, Molecular Dynamics for
Complex Systems

※ ◎ : Professor, ○ : Associate Professor, □ : Assistant Professor

Target Oriented Research Assembly
Research Cluster for Sustainable Catalyst
Wataru Ueda, members→

Research Cluster for Multifunctional Green Catalysis
Kenichi Shimizu, members→
Rational design of multifunctional green catalysts
silver cluster, green organic reactions, automotive emission control
Research Cluster of Asymmetric Induction of Non-Centrocherality as Novel Media
Masamichi Ogasawara, members→
Toward development of unexplored asymmetric reactions utilizing transition-metal catalysts
Non-centrochirality, axial chirality, planar chirality, catalytic asymmetric synthesis, organometallic chemistry, homogeneous catalyst, transition-metal
Research Cluster of Well-defined Surface Structure
for Precise Reaction Control
Satoru Takakusagi, members→
Create and observe reaction field on well-defined surfaces
single crystal metal oxide surface, well defined reaction field for chemical processes, surface organometallic complex
Research Cluster of Study on Energy Conversion Field
Tatsuya Takeguch, members→
Realization of efficient energy conversion for next generation

Solid oxide fuel cell, Mixed oxide, Mobility of oxygen, YSZ, Coke deposition

Research Cluster of Bio-Interface
Shen Ye, members→
Exploring the Bio-Interface in a Molecular Sensitivity
Lipid Bilayer, Biomolecules, Molecular Structures at Interface, Functionality, Nonlinear Optical Method, Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Vibration Spectroscopy
Research Cluster for Reaction Field Based on Molecular Assembly
Kenji Hara, members→
Innovative Research Based on Precise Design and Preparation of Molecular Assembly on Surface
monolayer, precisely designed surface structure, designed organic molecules, highly selective catalyst, highly active catalyst,novel function

※ ○ :Group Leader

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