Joint Usage/Research Center


Adopted Research Projects

Joint Usage/Research Center

We support researches on catalysis and related fields through the Joint Usage/Research Center Program and symposiums.

1 Joint Usage/Research Program

The Institute for Catalysis has been authorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as the Joint Usage/Research Center for catalysis. Through this program, we provide financial and technical supports to the joint research projects with our staff. There are two categories for applications: Strategic Research Project and Proposal-Based Project. Applications will be open once a year for Strategic Research Project and three times a year for Proposal-Based Project. Applicants are requested to contact our staff member with whom they wish to collaborate.

2 Symposium

(1)Research Symposium

The progress of the researches in the epartment of Fundamental Research and Department of Practical Application and Department of Target Research is discussed at the symposium. Speakers outside the institute are also invited.

(2)ICAT International Symposium

We organize international symposia on specific themes in catalytic chemistry distinguished researchers from various countries are invited.

(3)ICAT International Symposium Abroad

This symposium is aimed at disseminating the pioneering results of Japanese researches in overseas countries. The ICAT International Symposium Abroad have been held in several countries, including Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Russia, China, Canada, Czech, Spain, and The Netherlands.