Technical Division

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Technical Support in Response to Various Special Needs of Scientists

Technical Division is composed of Research Equipment Development Teams T and Uand the Research Equipment Management Team.

Research Equipment Development Team T manufactures glassware commonly used in chemical experiments as well as special glassware that is not commercially available, such as vacuum pumps and special spectrochemical cells.

Research Equipment Development Team U is in charge of metal processing, welding, and the construction of equipment such as ultra-high vacuum systems.

Research Equipment Management Team is responsible for maintaining common-use equipment, such as SEM, TEM, XPS, and NMR.

Our mission is to contribute to research at ICAT through technical support. We aim to make user-friendly, highly efficient equipment as requested, through active discussion and consultation with the researchers from the early stages of development. Although we have many years of experience in glassblowing and metal processing, we make every effort to acquire new skills.