FY 2017 Toshiyuki Sugiyama(Catalysis Theory, M2) received Student Poster Prize at the 120th Meeting of Catalysis Society of Japan. Toshiyuki Sugiyama
FY 2016 Hokkaido University President's Award for Outstanding Research Atsushi Fukuoka
Hokkaido University President's Award for Outstanding Research Kiyotaka Nakajima
Best Oral Presentation Award, APCAT-7
"Air-oxidation of activated carbon for hydrolysis of cellulose over weakly acidic functional groups"
Abhijit Shrotri
Presentation Award, Hokkaido Branch, Chemical Society of Japan
"C-C Bond Formation over Titanocen Complexes"
Hiroki Nakata
Poster Award, 63rd Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry
"Molecular Conversion with C-C Bond Scission on Titanium"
Masayoshi Bando
66th Chemical Society of Japan Young Chemist Award
"Development of Solid Catalyst-Solid Substrate Reactions for Efficient Utilization of Biomass"
Hirokazu Kobayashi
FY 2016 The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research Young Scientist Award Yohei Uemura
FY 2016 Catalysis Society of Japan Award for Young Researchers
"Development of Intermetallic Compound Catalysts Mainly Consisting of Platinum Groups"
Shinya Furukawa
The best paper in the competition for above-30-year-old section, Shokubai, Catalysis Society of Japan
"Selective Conversion of Woody Biomass by Solid Catalyst"
Hirokazu Kobayashi
26th The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Young Researcher Award
Development of Functional Catalysts Using Intermetallic Compounds and its Surface Science
Shinya Furukawa