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Regulation of Polymer and Supramolecular System Structures Leading to Advanced Materials

Professor Tamaki NAKANO Zhiyi SONG Assistant Professor Masayoshi BANDO

We aim at applying polymers and supramolecules with highly regulated structures for advanced materials. Controlled structures include helix, π-stacked conformation, and hyperbranched morph. Regulation also encompasses higher-ordered ones consisting of multiple chains. In addition, novel liquid crystals with ordered intramolecular structures have been developed.

Fig. 1 indicates the structure of poly (dibenzofulvene) having a π-stacked conformation. This polymer is the first -stacked vinyl polymer: we have succeeded in synthesis and structural elucidation of this structure for the first time. Based on this regulated structure, this polymer shows valuable photo electronic properties that have been thought to be unique to main-chain conjugated polymers. This work is a major breakthrough for utilization of vinyl polymers for photo electronic materials.


Fig. 1 Structure of poly(dibenzofulvene), the first -stackde vinyl polymer.